Save on waste and cost with a Kingspan water tank

Kingspan have been manufacturing and supplying long-lasting, high-quality made-to-measure steel water tanks for over 80 years, and can also provide professional advice on designing rainwater harvesting systems.

Made in Australia using quality AQUAPLATE® steel, Kingspan tanks come in four different shapes, including Slimline, Modline, Round and Square.

There are three factors to consider before choosing a water tank.

1. Available space

You need to consider any restrictions around your house such as fences, air-conditioner units, trees or play areas. If you are tight on space, the Slimline is a great choice as it saves on space while maximising water storage.

2. Intended use of the harvested rainwater

Where the property also uses mains water you need to consider what you will use the collected water for. It would be most useful to use the stored water for activities that use a lot of water such as watering lawns and gardens, topping up pools, flushing toilets and supplying household water appliances like washing machines.

By utilising rainwater within your home, the savings can really add up on your water bill.

3. Size of your catchment area

Rainwater initially falls onto your roof, which then travels into the downpipes that are connected to your tank. Therefore, the size of your roof influences how much water you will capture and store in your tank.

By knowing the size of your roof, you can work out how much rainwater your tank can store, which helps you decide the capacity of your tank.

Once you determine the capacity of your tank, it’s time to choose a water tank that suits your space.

To do this, Kingspan have developed an online tool called the Size-a-lator, which allows you to quickly and easily match the right tank to your needs and available space.

Kingspan water tanks come in thousands of sizes and in all Colourbond colours so you can tailor a tank to meet your specific space and size requirements.

The entire design process takes about a minute and allows you to customise the dimensions of the tank, which shows how much rainwater you can potentially use and collect.

Try the tool here.

After choosing the perfect tank, take a little time to keep the tank, its pump and accessories clean and maintained.

Kingspan have a few easy tips to help you keep your rainwater harvesting system, and the water it holds, in tip-top shape.

So what will you use all the collected rainwater for? Gardening, laundry, toilet, car washing, or the swimming pool?

Contact a Kingspan expert today for all your tank needs on 1300 736 562 or email them at

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