Quick Guide To Rugs

One of the quickest and most affordable ways to revamp a room is to lay a rug. A rug can transform the look of a space by injecting a dose of colour while adding warmth underfoot.

Rugs look cosy and inviting and can make a room feel larger. They provide a visual anchor, helping to tie a decorating scheme together and can be easily removed or repositioned to change the layout of the space.

They are especially useful in high-traffic areas like hallways where floorboards can quickly become worn. They can also cover unsightly flooring or conceal damaged areas.

Rugs are ideal for living rooms with hard surfaces like concrete or tiles, which often feel cold underfoot. They are more comfortable to sit on than hard floors and provide an area for young children to play.

red ribbed rugs
The right rug can brighten up a room and be used as a soft surface for children to play and adults to relax

ribbed rug in hallway, handyman magazine,
Rugs are useful in high traffic areas like hallways where floorboards can quickly become worn

orange rug in bedroom, handyman magazine,
Rugs are a great addition to bedrooms in the colder months

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