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The garden doesn’t have to be dull just because winter is around the corner. Annuals are a quick colour fix for beds or pots.

Flowers to plant for winter blooms


POSITION Sun, semi-shade.

CULTIVATION Picking the small pansy-like flowers encourages further blooms.

viola flower, handyman magazine,
Plant viola flowers in sun or semi-shade. Image: Alamy



CULTIVATION Sow seeds where they are to grow. Good for mixed planting in pots.

linaria flower, alamy, handyman magazine,
Sow Linaria seeds directly where you want them to grow. Image: Alamy


POSITION Semi-shade, shade.

CULTIVATION Grow in pots and bring indoors when the plant begins to flower.

cineraria flower, handyman magazine, alamy
Grow Cineraria in pots and bring indoors when the plant begins to flower

Iceland Poppy


CULTIVATION Shelter from wind and plant in soil with excellent drainage.

iceland poppy, alamy, handyman magazine,
Plant the Iceland Poppy in soil that has excellent drainage


POSITION Sun, semi-shade.

CULTIVATION Grow in pots and garden beds.

primula flower, alamy, handyman magazine,
Grow Primula in pots and garden beds. Image: Alamy


POSITION Sun, afternoon shade in hot climates.

CULTIVATION Picking flowers encourages more blooms.

pansy, handyman magazine, th,
Picking Pansy flowers will encourage more blooms. Image: Thinkstock


Position Sun.

CULTIVATION Remove spent blooms to prolong flowering. Petals are edible.

calendula, flower, handyman magazine,
Calendula petals are edible, add them to salads for added flavour. Image: Alamy


POSITION Sun, semi-shade.

CULTIVATION A perennial, often grown as an annual. Don’t allow the potting mix to dry out.

polyanthus flower, handyman magazine,
Plant Polyanthus in sun or semi-shade. Image: Alamy



CULTIVATION Pinch out the growing tips while young to encourage bushiness.

nemesia, handyman magazine,
Plant Nemesia flowers in a sunny spot. Image: Alamy

How to grow

REMOVE the plant carefully from its punnet so you don’t disturb the roots.

PLANT it into damp soil or potting mix and water in well.

FEED it monthly with a soluble complete plant food.

DEADHEAD flowers on a regular basis.

GROW TIP Always water annuals in seedling trays before you transplant them into garden beds or pots.

Plant flowers in pots

Containers and pots filled with flowering annuals can transform any courtyard or patio from insipid to inspired in no time.

You can mix annuals in different sizes and colours in a pot or stick to just the one colour theme.

Use high-quality premium mixes that carry an Australian Standard label to get your plants off to a good start. And while planting in plastic pots is best for water retention, you could use an attractive terracotta pot as a sleeve.

Seasonal scents

Fragrance need not be missing from the garden during the cooler months.

Daphne odora shows off at this time of the year with pink flowers that have a heady scent. It needs good drainage, slightly acidic soil and morning sun only.

Another plant that likes morning sun is Luculia gratissima. It grows 3m high and has equally sweet-smelling flowers.

Other great fragrant winter shrubs include Buddleia salvifolia, Boronia megastigma and Viburnum farreri.

Flowering climbers

The orange flowers of the evergreen flame vine, Pyrostegia venusta, will brighten the garden from winter into spring in frost-free climates. It is best used for screening purposes.

Depending on the cultivar, you could also choose purple, white or pink flowering hardenbergia. Another evergreen, this native is ideal for metal fences.

flowering climbers, handyman magazine,
The orange flowers of the evergreen flame vine, Pyrostegia venusta, will brighten the garden from winter into spring in frost-free climates

Food for birds

It’s hard for birds to find nectar in winter and you can help them by planting winter-flowering natives. Introducing these plants will also have a good impact on the overall environment, as the birds, animals and insects they attract will find their way into other neighbourhood gardens.

What flowers to plant to attract birds in winter


Best used as a screening or feature plant, the grevillea flowers in cooler weather, attracting many honeyeaters. You can choose from a variety of colours.

grevillea, handyman magazine,
Grevillea flowers in cooler weather, attracting many honeyeaters


The heath banksia (Banksia ericifolia) and the coast banksia (Banksia integrifolia) are two hardy flowering shrubs that will attract birds during winter.

heath banksia, handyman magazine,
The heath banksia attract birds during winter


Other good natives are pink waxflower (Philotheca australasius), Thryptomene saxicola and Geraldton waxflower (Chamelaucium uncinatum).

geraldton waxflower, handyman magazine,
The Geraldton waxflower is a native plant that will attract birds to your garden

Winter bulbs

The dark-green strappy leaves of Clivia miniata look good throughout the year and its orange-scarlet flowers lift the tone of the garden during late winter.

Ideal for planting in dry, shady positions, this flowering plant comes in cream, pale yellow, salmon pink and bright-red cultivars.

Snowflakes and early jonquils also begin to make an appearance during the last month of winter to add another burst of colour to the garden.

DESIGN TIP Bring brightly coloured potted cyclamen indoors during winter to use as living decorations.

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