Mike’s Cubby House

Handyman reader Mike Bruni used his DIY skills to build a cubby house for his daughter Maya.

The project had an added level of difficulty as Mike and his family resided in hilly terrain.

‘We live in the hills so when I began building a cubby house for my daughter it was tricky planning the posts as the slope meant a 1300mm difference in height from the front right corner to the back left,’ says Mike.

Despite the difficulty it all worked out.

‘I used plexiglass for each side window and included a secret trapdoor with steps for a quick getaway.’

‘So far I’ve spent around $1000 and plan to add a balcony and handrail, a slide, climbing frame and a rope course with islands.’

cubby house before being built, handyman magazine,
Putting in the posts was helped along by a good downpour that softened the ground

cubby house during building, handyman magazine,
As a work in progress the frame was built with both new and recycled materials

cubby house after completion, handyman magazine,
The cubby house has a café-style window and a detachable blackboard menu for when Maya is open for business.

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