This year say goodbye to tradition and create your own Christmas.

All you need to give your home a festive feel are basic items from the hardware store.

With little more than a hot glue gun and balls of twine you can turn a tree branch into a rustic chandelier.

You’ll need a forked branch about 30mm thick with several smaller limbs. Use one left over from spring pruning or source one from a local arborist. Any smooth-barked tree like crabapple or eucalyptus will work.

Trim the branch with a handsaw, sanding any rough edges. Wrap a plastic ivy garland around it then add handmade twine baubles and jar lights. You can use live greenery but it will only last a day or two.

The branch is only temporary so use heavy-duty twine to hang it from a hook on a wall or ceiling. Just make sure the fastener is rated to take the weight of the decorated branch.

You can spray-paint the branch to match any colour scheme.

Step 1. Prepare the branch

Step 1. Prepare the branch
Handyman Magazine

Prepare the display by wrapping greenery around the branch, securing it with hot glue.

Roll white twine into balls, securing the ends with glue and attaching a looped hanger, then tie them to the branch.


Step 2. Add lights

Step 2. Add lights
Handyman Magazine

Make the lights by filling jars with silver beads and adding a tea light to each one.

Light them with a stove lighter, then hang them on the branch.

For a safer option, use flameless, battery-powered LED candles.

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