Make A Frosted Christmas Candle Light

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what is more jolly than frosted Christmas candle lights? These lights are very easy to make and will instantly inject some Christmas spirit into your home. Use them as centrepieces or scatter them around the home in places like bathrooms and bedrooms. The possibilities are endless!

Materials List

Tall clear glass hurricane vase
Frosted glass finish
Open-patterned tights
Tall coloured pillar candle
Clear acrylic ice pieces
String of white battery-operated mini fairy lights
Clear bead garland

Step 1

Turn the hurricane vase upside down on a protected surface. Slip one leg of the patterned tights over the vase. Tie the end of the leg in a knot to secure. Tuck the other leg of the tights inside the vase.

Step 2

Spray outside of the vase with frosted glass finish, following the manufacturer’s directions. Let dry. Remove tights; discard. Place the pillar candle inside the vase and arrange clear ice pieces around the base. Place mini fairy lights around the outside of the vase.

Step 3

Form the bead garland into a circle and set on top of the lights. Arrange fairy lights so that they can be seen. Use the bead garland to hide the light’s battery case.

frosted acrylic glass, handyman magazine,
Acrylic ice pieces and mini fairy lights are available from specialist craft shops or online

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