Cement Geometric Wine Cooler

In the November issue of Handyman, we show you how to make a cement wine cooler using a plastic template.

This project is simple and easy. All you need to do is create the mould, then pour in concrete and allow it to set.

To make the plastic template, first download the template PDF and print it out.

Ensure the file prints across four A4 pages. Trim the edges, then attach them together using tape to form the template.

Position a plastic sheet over the paper template and trace all the lines. Check the measurements against the marks on paper template.

Cut out the plastic template using a utility knife and a ruler. Make sure you only cut along the solid lines – the dotted lines are for the folds.

Assemble the plastic template using tape, then follow the instructions in the magazine to create the wine cooler.

Click here to download the wine cooler template

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