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Garden tools like shovels, trowels and forks see a lot of wear and tear, with constant digging in the soil exposing the metal to moisture and dirt.

This harsh environment can lead to rust and corrosion, which if left unchecked can severely damage and weaken the metal, making the tool unusable.

Moisture can also damage timber handles of garden tools, and a replacement handle can cost almost as much as the tool itself.

Clean and protect garden tools

You can use Selleys® RP7® to clean and protect garden tools and prevent rust, corrosion and damage.

Selleys® RP7® is a multipurpose lubricant that is ideal for protecting metal surfaces, as it cleans away dirt and grime, while also repelling moisture that can lead to rust.

To clean and protect garden tools after use, simply wash them off with water, then spray the metal parts with RP7 and wipe the tool thoroughly with a cloth to fully coat the metal.

Selleys® RP7® disperses water and leaves a protective coating over the metal, which not only prevents rust but also makes the tool easier to clean after use.

You can even use Selleys® RP7® to protect timber handles, as its moisture-repelling properties prevent water from penetrating the timber and causing rot. Simply spray the handle all over with Selleys® RP7® , then wipe it with a cloth to coat it.

Loosen stuck tools

The penetrating properties of Selleys® RP7® mean its use isn’t limited to garden tools. It’s also especially useful for loosening and lubricating stuck parts on moving tools, such as pliers that have rusted shut.

Just spray the affected area with Selleys® RP7® and allow it to penetrate for 5 minutes, then pull the handles apart to break the rusted bonds.

The water-repellent coating helps to prevent further rust, keeping your tools working properly for years to come.

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