Darren’s TV cabinet

Darren Sadler was inspired to make his own TV cabinet after having no luck finding a suitable product at the shops.

Says Darren, ‘Our house style is provincial chic, with lots of painted wood, corbels and detailing finishes. I couldn’t find a TV cabinet the style or length we needed for our TV so I decided to make one.’

‘I had some timber that was perfect or the frame and used MDF and pine for the rest. Then I made corbels using casting plaster finished in white and gold paint.’

‘I saved a lot using my own materials and the style fits our home.’

building a timber cabinet, handyman magazine,
Darren kept costs down by using timber he had around the house, MDF and pine
corbels made using casting mould, handyman magazine,
To match his decorating style, Darren made the corbels using plaster in a casting mould

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