Build A Birdhouse

This birdhouse is simply a box with a bird-shaped lid turned on its side.

Made from plywood, the lid is attached with a hinge and a simple hook holds it closed.

A half sheet of marine ply, costing $17, is enough for the birdhouse and it’s built using adhesive and brads.

Print or draw a bird shape and enlarge, if needed. Trace it on the ply, cut out with a jigsaw then make a 38mm entrance with a holesaw.

Sand and finish the birdhouse with primer, two coats of exterior paint and clear polyurethane.

What you need

  • 1220 x 610 x 6mm marine grade plwyood
  • Brads and brad nailer
  • Picture-hanging hooks
  • Stainless steel 25mm fixed pin butt hinge
  • Screw eyes and hook
  • Exterior PVA adhesive like Selleys Aquadhere
  • Exterior primer and paint
  • Marine grade clear polyurethane
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • 38mm hole saw
  • Clamps
  • Paintbrush
  • Fine-grit sandpaper

Make the box

CUT one 130 x 130mm box base, two 130mm long x 120mm wide sides and two 118mm long x 120mm wide sides, from 6mm plywood.

POSITION the 118mm long sides between the 130mm long sides, securing the butt joints with brads and adhesive. Check the box frame
for square and clamp until dry.

ATTACH the box frame to the box base using brads and adhesive, clamping until dry.

TIP Use a jigsaw with a fine-toothed blade to make smooth cuts in thin ply.

DIY TIP Attach picture hooks to the back of the box, then hang it from screws secured in the tree trunks.

hinge box side, handyman magazine,
Join a box side to the bird back at the tail end with a hinge

screw eye hook, handyman magazine,
Attach screw eyes and a hook to the box and bird back

Bell-shaped bird feeder

Handyman reader Manno Heyblom from Baranduda, Victoria, made a bird feeder by mounting a plywood disc and a plastic plate on a timber garden stake. He secured a 25 x 1500mm metal arm to the stake with two screws and bent the top into a circle to hang a birdseed bell.

bell-shaped bird feeder
Attract wildlife and add colour to the backyard with this cute dwelling

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