The Bosch everyday home and garden helpers are perfect for light DIY, gardening, and cleaning. They are compactly built for easy portability in and around the house.

All of the Bosch Handy Helpers have an integrated battery, so you can simply recharge and get back into action in no time! Bosch understands the satisfaction of doing it yourself, which is why they aim to provide you with the complete DIY solution to create your dream home and garden.

For the home DIY projects and cleaning

Easy intuitive screwdriving from beginning to end
The IXO 6 enables users to gain full control over all DIY screwdriving tasks. The variable speed control lets you match the pace of each job. Say goodbye to splintered wood, damaged screws, and over-spin on screw heads by simply matching speeds to each material. Also, keep a close eye on battery life with the 3-LED battery indicator for a detailed look at remaining work time. From a blower for stoking barbecues, to a wine bottle opener and spice mill, and an expanding range of attachments enhance every occasion. Adapters are available from eBay, Amazon and other selected retailers.

Easy furniture assembly and disassembly, fast tightening, or removal of screws
The PSR Select is the ideal solution for DIYers who like to have all the bits they need on hand when screwdriving. The cordless screwdriver is equipped with an integrated rotating cylinder and LED light housing, that holds twelve standard bits. To change any bit, simply rotate the cylinder until the bit you need appears in the window and then slide it forward through the bit holder. The PSR Select comes complete with a plastic case and 12 standard screwdriver bits.

Easy removal of stubborn dirt – indoor and outdoor
The multifunctional and strong UniversalBrush makes life easier – it is a versatile helper for removal of light and stubborn dirt. Its powerful motor ensures almost constant brush rotation, even with high pressure, for tackling even the most demanding scrubbing task. A variety of attachments allow use on a wide range of surfaces and materials, and due to its IPX5 splash water protection it is also qualified for use in wet environments. This brush masters scrubbing of tiles, grout, joints, ovens, pots and pans, shoes, barbeques, shower glass and reaches narrow areas for example: around indoor taps. Change brushes or the pad holder in just a few seconds due to its easy-to-use click system, and these accessories are available to purchase from Bosch selected retailers. This handy tool offers cordless cleaning or scrubbing and is rechargeable via Micro USB cable.

Say goodbye to unexpected breaks mid-project with Tacker
The PTK 3.6LI is convenient and versatile. Whether you are upholstering chairs, hanging party decorations or attaching roof felt and signs, the cordless tacker is always ready to use. The Push + Release System increases both safety and control by eliminating self-triggering. Along with this, the charge level indicator prevents charging delays. The bottom-loading staple magazine has a practical window, which indicates the number of remaining staples, so you don’t run out of staples unexpectedly.

For the garden tidy up

Take the effort out of pruning with Power Assist Technology
The Easy Prune cordless secateurs are perfect for everyday gardening tasks and are easy and intuitive to use like manual secateurs. Equipped with power assist technology, the Easy Prune will complete a cut for you, preventing hand strains. The battery charge level indicator shows you how charging is progressing and how much battery power the cordless secateurs have left when you are using them. Whether you’re pruning flowers, trimming hedges or cutting back shrubs – it lets you cut branches up to 25 millimetres in diameter with ease. The EasyPrune uses a bypass cutting system, whereby the two premium-quality stainless steel blades glide past one another. This enables you to cut branches without having to stop or keep repositioning the secateurs in the process. The clean-cut helps promote healthy tree growth.

Two-in-one shrub and grass trimmer
Lightweight design, optimum results – enjoy an efficient performance and easy handling when trimming young hedges, shrubs and grass with the EasyShear. Weighing only 530g, this light tool’s compact design makes it simple to store and ready-to-use at a moment’s notice. With an integrated 3.6V lithium-ion battery, this shear delivers optimum performance. Enjoy fast, easy, and convenient blades change without using any tools!

Bosch Handy Helpers can be purchased from Mitre 10.

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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Bosch.

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