Voted Reader’s Digest Most Trusted DIY Power Tools for 2021, Bosch provides reliable, quality tools that bring your projects to life. From drilling to cutting, measuring to mowing, tidying up the garden and everything in between! Whether you are just starting out on your first DIY project or consider yourself a bit of a home and garden enthusiast, let Bosch help you select the perfect tool to suit your needs.

The DIY Dabbler

If you are just dipping your toes into the world of DIY – we have the tools to feed your newfound inspiration. With our selection of simple, intuitive tools, you might even finish one of those bucket-list projects you’ve been meaning to get around to.

Measure objects and interior spaces quickly, simply, and accurately

Save time, money and all the hassle – never again buy furniture or a fridge that doesn’t fit thanks to on-the-go measurements with just one click. The handy Zamo Distance Measure is ideal for fast, precise measuring and calculations with ease. Quickly measure and record the space of your living room, calculations for paint volume, furniture dimensions or even fabric requirements in distances up to 20m with Bosch Laser Technology. No need to waste time getting out your tape measure and writing down measurements either, the Zamo does this for you with in-built recording feature and square-meterage calculation. The set attachments include a wheel adapter for curved and irregular surfaces, line adapter for levelling objects and a tape adapter that precisely measures circumferences and freestanding objects.

Two-in-one shrub and grass trimmer

Enjoy efficient performance and ergonomic easy handling when trimming young hedges and shrubs with the EasyShear. With an integrated 3.6V lithium-ion battery, this lightweight shear delivers optimum performance with cordless freedom and easy handling. The shear is ideal for trimming shrubs, hedges and can even be used to trim the edges on your lawn!

Easy intuitive screwdriving from beginning to end

The latest and greatest model from our longstanding IXO Screwdriver series, the IXO 6 enables users to gain full control over all DIY screwdriving tasks. The variable speed control perfectly matches the pace of each job. Say goodbye to splintered wood, damaged screws, and over-spin on screw heads by simply matching speeds to each material. For a more comfortable screwdriving process as well as many more that open up a new world of applications. From a blower for stoking barbecues, to a wine bottle opener and spice mill, these attachments enhance every occasion. Our number one selling IXO is for anyone of any DIY ability to use for all those little projects.

From dirty glass to condensation, tackle even more applications with the GlassVAC

This GlassVAC cordless 3.6V window vacuum utilises existing Bosch expertise from the automotive sector. The patented “power protection plus” rubber coating ensures streak-free results and quicker cleaning time, without any annoying, squeaking sounds. Clean and dry surfaces to perfection with one device, which can be used indoors and outdoors in the kitchen, bathroom, house exterior, car and more. The GlassVac cleans up to 35 windows in one session. A compact design makes handling easy for tackling confined spaces and is ideal for cleaning household and car windows, mirrors, tiles, showers, and vacuuming up spillages.

Tidy your garden debris and turn them into your own mulch

The AXT Rapid 2200 is a fast yet powerful garden shredder built for longevity. The durable Swiss laser-cut precision blades are reversible, giving extended life to the accessories so you can run your shredder for longer without the need for maintenance. Easily capable of shredding green debris, and even tough branches up to 40 mm thick. It is lightweight and easy to move over lawns, patios, and even steps. Repurpose your garden debris by creating your own mulch to maintain a healthy garden.

The Outdoor Explorer

Whether you love a bit of backyard sports and adventure, grow a prize-winning vegetable garden, or simply enjoy keeping things neat and tidy, our Lawn and Garden range has a solution for every task.

Mow 200m² of lawn in one charge

The CityMower 18 is a lightweight cordless lawnmower designed for easy urban lawn-care. Mow up to 200m² of lawn with a 4.0ah battery, in one charge. Ergoflex handles support a healthy, comfortable posture while working. The handles also feature a lever control with a 3-step cutting height range of 30-60 mm for easy selection of the lawn height. The mower features an advanced battery management system for longer runtimes, enabling cordless freedom without sacrificing power or efficiency.

Impressive Water Blasters for an effortless clean

Our Aquatak High-Pressure Washers offer effortless cleaning for a wide range of jobs, from light to heavy duty, around the home. Push-fit connections and in-use gun storage make cleaning simple. Ideal for cars, patios, and garden furniture.

 – The EasyAquatak 120 is lightweight yet robust for an efficient cleaning performance. This water blaster is easy to manoeuvre and store due to its compact design and accessory storage. Cleaning cars, patios, and garden furniture is easy with a 120-bar (1740 PSI) cleaning power and a choice of Variable Fan Jet and Rotary Nozzles.

 – Our AdvancedAquatak 140 offers the ideal performance to tackle even the most stubborn dirt. A range of nozzles and a 140-bar pump offer versatile cleaning power. The high-pressure hose reel makes set-up stress-free. The AdvancedAquatak 140 cleans hard, persistent dirt on a range of surfaces, including large cars, patios, exterior walls and driveways.

 Prune hard-to-reach branches effortlessly

Prune tree branches from ground level effortlessly without using a ladder. The UniversalChainpole 18 enables easy pruning in otherwise unreachable areas with a telescopic pole that extends 2.6 metres and a pivoting head. The well-balanced, lightweight, ergonomic design minimises strain on arms and shoulders while the tip protector and bumper spike offer maximum control while cutting and undercutting.

Easy clearing of leaves and garden foliage

The ALB 18 Li cordless garden blower provides the flexibility and mobility to tackle every garden space. The efficient 18 Volt Li-ion cordless battery enables this blower to reach anywhere and everywhere. Lightweight at only 1.8 kg with an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling and with a powerful maximum airspeed of 210 km/h, the garden blower will move unnecessary garden clutter out of the way, fast. Fitted with Syneon Technology, the Bosch 18V battery powered tool regulates energy use for optimal power efficiency and longer runtime.

The Seasoned Veteran

For those who considers themselves ‘the master’ of all things DIY. Choose from a selection of our heavy-duty tools to power through projects that go beyond the beginner’s everyday task.

Thorough-wall scans for safer drilling

Detect what you can’t see with the UniversalDetect, delivering deep scans of up to 10 cm in walls, drywall, ceilings, and floors. This device is designed to locate metal objects, single-phase live cables, or wooden substructures for accuracy and peace of mind when hanging pictures or other objects and installing lights. With an intuitive screen-display that offers step-by-step instructions, let the UniversalDetect step you through your task and ensure you won’t have to patch up and redrill, or hit any unwarranted surprises behind your wall. This tool also features a LED traffic light system and optional acoustic warning signal for indicating detections and a convenient hole directly in the centre of the tool for accurate marking during use.

Putting the joy of gardening back in your hands

Designed for intuitive lawn work, the UniversalGrassCut 18 features an ergonomic handle and height adjustment for comfortable handling when trimming lawns and edging. The IntelliFEED function automatically feeds the spool line, eliminating stops, bending, and bumping.

With a fully charged battery, the trimmer can cut the edges of eight tennis courts in one go!

Tackle tasks safely thanks to soft start, brake function, and restart protection with the AdvancedGrind 18V

Handle a range of DIY jobs on metal and stone while taking advantage of cordless freedom with the AdvancedGrind 18 angle grinder. With electronic speed preselection, the tool speed can be adjusted perfectly to meet the needs of each job and material, making up to 52 cuts with each charge. Designed for grinding, cutting, brushing, and polishing jobs on metal, stone, concrete blocks, and tiles.

Key safety features:

– Restart Protection: Forgot to turn your tool off before flicking off the power supply? Restart protection ensures that when the power supply comes back on, your grinder won’t automatically restart, and no one loses a finger!
– Quick Brake System: As fast as these discs spin, the brake system kicks in faster. Quick brakes make sure the disc stops smoothly and immediately when you need to switch the tool off.
– Soft Start: No need to worry about your grinder suddenly and dangerously jumping into action when you switch it on. Soft start feature increases the power gradually until the tool reaches full speed, allowing you to maintain control easily.
– Variable Speed: safely control what speed setting you’d like the tool to operate on with a switch on the handle.

The DIY Savvy

For anyone interested in some unique, intelligent tools that make regular tasks much easier. Take a look at the range of Bosch DIY original innovations and handy helpers.

Take the effort out of pruning with Power Assist Technology: Bosch EasyPrune Cordless Secateurs

One of Bosch’s most highly praised gardening tools, the EasyPrune cordless secateurs make everyday gardening tasks difficulty-free. Using Power Assist Technology to save tired, sore hands, the EasyPrune will assist in completing a clean and effortless cut for you. The motor kicks in when the tool senses resistance from stems and branches. From pruning flowers, to trimming hedges or cutting back shrubs – the EasyPrune enables you cut branches up to 25 millimetres in diameter with ease.

Key Features:

– Easily cut and prune stems and branches up to 25 mm with power-assisted cutting.
– Power Assist Technology automatically offers support when faced with resistance.
– Cordless mobility with a 3.6 V battery for up to 450 cuts on one charge.
– Cut through thin and thicker branches cleanly to promote healthy plant pruning.
– Easy and intuitive to use, like manual secateurs.
– Exchange dull or damaged blades easily without replacing the entire tool.         

 Cordless cleaning at home or on the go

For mobile cleaning at home or on the go, the Bosch Fontus is an 18 volt cordless outdoor cleaner that can be used with or without connection to a continuous water source or power supply. Unlike traditional water blasters, this portable cleaner is perfect for use at home or on the go due to its 15 L water tank and an 18 V battery. With adjustable pressure modes, four spray patterns and two brush types, the Fontus is ideal for washing bikes, garden furniture, plant pots, dogs, boots and even windows.

 Bosch Anti-Blocking System, For Non-Stop Cutting

Continuous cutting with Bosch patented smart technology. Featured in Bosch hedge cutters and shears, the Anti-Blocking system detects resistance from branches and instantly shifts direction of the rotating blade to ensure continuous cutting performance for a consistent, high standard finish. The range also features laser cut diamond blades, designed for cutting quickly and with reliably clean finishes. lay

Products with the anti-blocking system include shrub shears and hedge trimmers.

Less Sound, Same Power

The ProSilence feature by Bosch reduces sound omitted by up to 60% and filters out unpleasant noise through its acoustically enhanced design features. Thanks to Bosch ProSilence technology, our 36 Volt Lawnmowers are the quietest, high-performance lawnmowers on the market. Enjoy significantly less noise without compromising on power.

Bosch ProSilence is also featured in our new UniversalGardenTidy 3000.

Make the most of your rainwater

The cordless GardenPump 18 is the ultimate irrigation system for your garden. Suited to all styles of garden rainwater tanks, the cordless garden pump provides faster and more effective watering around the garden. Start by setting up the Battery Control Unit, which can be conveniently hooked right onto the tank or attached to the wall. Then simply submerge the Rainwater Pump in the tank and attach a garden hose and spray gun or sprinkler system. This Rainwater Pump is the perfect natural money-saver and does its part to help out the planet too!

Attach, Align and Measure with the Atino

The clever Bosch Atino measuring tool combines all relevant functionalities of a line laser and distance measure in one and features an integrated 1.5-m measuring tape so you can align and secure objects without any additional help. The projection of the laser line onto the wall, making this a truly one-person operation when hanging up pictures or railings. Gone are the days of the laser being blocked by a body in front of it. The convenient gel pad can be fixed on smooth and insensitive surfaces, such as tiles and marble. When it comes to rough surfaces or wallpaper, the pin plate with the two small pins is the ideal attachment solution.

This tool can be used for a wide range of jobs: whether aligning or hanging pictures or shelves, fixing hooks or handles, or arranging objects – the Atino is all that´s needed. It enables vertical or horizontal levelling with easy 360-degree rotation and intuitive LED line laser, and offers an accuracy of the visible laser line of ± 0.3°**.

All-in-one: line laser with integrated measuring tape for easy attachment, alignment, and measurements coming very soon to New Zealand!

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Bosch.

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