For more than 25 years, Hire A Hubby has been a cornerstone of excellence in the property maintenance industry. From humble beginnings, where franchisees were solo operators handling small repairs, we’ve grown to an expansive network of 50 franchisees, big and small, right across New Zealand.

These franchisees are now managing larger operations with skilled teams, delivering top-notch services to enhance and protect the most valued assets – our customers’ properties.

And now more than ever, we are looking for ways to help you help yourself. With two very special Hire A Hubby offers that will give you the incentive you’ve been waiting for to make that life-changing decision and take the first step towards an exciting and profitable future.

But first a little background…

Choosing your path to prosperity

From the moment you start your Hire A Hubby business journey, right through to eventually selling it for a profit, Hire A Hubby is dedicated to supporting its franchisees every step of the way. But that first all-important step involves selecting the distinct business model that best suits your goals and lifestyle ambitions:

Option 1 – Man in a Van: Perfect for individuals who prefer working independently, managing jobs from start to finish on smaller projects.

Option 2 – Enterprise: Ideal for couples or partnerships aiming to scale their business by managing a team and taking on larger projects.

Option 3 – Big Business: Designed for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to own multiple territories, manage teams and handle both commercial and residential projects.

You just need to ask yourself: Are you practical, hands-on and have a passion for home improvement? Then Hire A Hubby could be your pathway not just to financial independence but immense personal satisfaction as well.

Hire A Hubby franchisees come from diverse backgrounds, from laidback surfers to steely-eyed future tycoons, but without exception they share a common goal: to create successful businesses that support their dream lifestyles. And make no mistake, with the Hire A Hubby support network in place, they do not do it alone.

Just ask Tony Veale, a Hire A Hubby Big Business Owner from Te Awamutu: “It’s great to be involved in Hire A Hubby as a franchise owner,” says Tony. “As we are part of a team and we can always ask each other to gain advice on tricky jobs we encounter in our everyday work life.”

Or Rob Daniels, a Hire A Hubby Man in a Van from Whangaparaoa: “It’s a friendly team that makes you feel part of the family from day one,” explains Rob. “There is a lot of business support and guidance from the Head Office and other Hubbies around the area, who are always happy to give advice and help where needed, which makes running a business easier than if I had gone out on my own.”

Comprehensive training and support

The extensive Hire A Hubby training program covers everything from setting up your business to attracting and retaining customers. You’ll learn how to price, quote, invoice, manage finances and even conduct local marketing. Plus, ongoing education will help keep you updated on industry trends and best practices.

As well as leveraging the strength of the Hire A Hubby brand, which is renowned throughout New Zealand for its high-quality service, you’ll also benefit from national marketing campaigns and strong digital assets to promote your business year-round. You’ll also reap the benefits of unlimited support from a dedicated business advisor – prestigious winner of the Westpac New Zealand Field Manager of the Year Award in 2022 – who will assist with franchise development, marketing, financial management and continuous training, ensuring your business thrives.

Celebrating Hubby excellence

Hire A Hubby’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our culture and our awards. We celebrate our franchisees’ considerable achievements with an annual awards evening and national competitions.

Notably, Craig Burrowes from Auckland won the Westpac New Zealand Supreme Franchisee of the Year Award in 2023, and says he’ll not soon forget that crowning moment. “I can’t believe the energy that was in the room,” he recalls of the evening. “There were hundreds of people there, all so enthused about the business they are in, all so vested in their business and their brand … It was incredible – and then it got even better. We won! It was a bit of a shock, we were stunned and humbled.”

But the final word goes to Hire A Hubby franchisee and Man in a Van Shaun Williams from Tauranga: “I’m extremely proud to be part of the Hire A Hubby family,” says Shaun. “Knowing that you have them supporting you is really morale boosting. There is a comfort level being part of an established brand, and I’ve been able to strike the right balance between running my business and spending time with my family.”

Helping you get the start you need

And now, without further ado, here are the two life-changing offers that could set you on your way to a new career.

Offer 1: If you are interested in becoming our next Hire a Hubby Business owner and becoming part of a successful team of franchisees, we have a special offer of $5,000 toward the cost of the equipment and training package. Simply use Reference Code HAH1 to redeem this offer.

Offer 2: If you have a friend, family member or colleague that you just know would make a great Hire A Hubby business owner, we are offering a $5,000 referral bonus if you refer someone and their application is successful! Simply use Reference Code HAH2 to redeem this offer.

 That’s how committed we are to seeing Hire A Hubby continue to grow throughout New Zealand, and to continue building successful, proactive, community-minded businesses that help you achieve your lifestyle dreams.

For more information about becoming a Hire A Hubby business owner and the support we offer, please visit Hire A or contact our franchise sales team via email on or call 0800 485 042.

All images: Hire A Hubby

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Hire A Hubby.

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