Use a rubber band as a bookmark

Create a handy placemarker with an elastic band using this simple and easy trick

In this handy tip video, we show you a quick way you can use an elastic band as a bookmark.

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Have you ever wanted to hold your place in a book, but don't have a bookmark at hand? You could use a scrap of paper, a pen, or a sticky note, but there's a quick way to hold your place in the book which is actually better than using a traditional bookmark.
All you need to do is stretch an elastic band around the book on the page you want to mark. Stretch the band all the way around the back of the book as well.
When you close the book, the band holds your place. There's no chance of the rubber band falling out of place like a bookmark might, and because the rubber band holds all the pages together, when you flip open the book, you'll turn straight to the page you marked.
The other great thing about using a rubber band as a bookmark is that most of us have them lying around, whereas a traditional bookmark might be a bit rarer!

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