Transform Outdoor Spaces And Add Value

Celebrity renovator Cherie Barber reveals how to add value by improving entertaining areas and backyards.

Transform Outdoor Spaces And Add Value

Landscaping needs to be part of your plan from the get-go. The main reason to get started with the gardening is that it needs time to settle, which can happen while you get on with your interiors.

A lush lawn is the gold standard in real estate land, but don’t let big-booted tradespeople trample on your hard-laid work. Get some do-not-cross tape and mark the areas not to be walked on.

Your plant selection should be tied to the style of your home. There are cottage plants and modern plants.

Cottages and weatherboard homes look great with soft heritage-style plants such as murrayas, rosemary bushes, lavenders and camellias. For modern places, think cordylines, succulents, yakkas and a whole lot more.

Timber sleepers are my number one landscaping go-to for garden beds on a budget. Install them on their edge, not flat, to add bulk and scale to your property.

They come in treated pine, so you can spray-paint them the same colour as your house trims to make external colours work together beautifully.

If your budget allows, merbau sleepers look a treat, especially if you’ve used merbau timber elsewhere on your facade.

Deck the front yard - Before
Deck the front yard - Before
Cherie Barber

This home was pretty cute already, but its awkward angles required some real strategic thought on my part.

Best part of all, I had a big budget of $80,000 to play with. Jackpot!

This meant I could move from budget to beautiful and take this facade to the next level.

This reno took me a month to complete, but what a transformation! It looks like a completely different house.

Raised, multi-tiered, rendered-brick garden beds featuring exotic tropical plants and merbau decking edged with merbau and wire balustrade make the space inviting and visually appealing.

I added a stone feature wall at the entry for wow factor, and a set of bifold doors encourages people to wander outside. This is one of my favourites.

Sometimes I amaze myself. Other days, not so much.

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