Set the mood with lighting. Choose the best types of lighting for each space, from downlights in living areas to a pendant light over a dining table. Install task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, and use lamps as both functional and decorative items. Plus find out how to be more energy efficient.

Incandescent light bulbs are no longer the standard in Australia and New Zealand. They have been replaced by more economical, sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting options. Here is our rundown of the four most popular types of green l...
6 Great Tips For Using Natural Light
Maximising your use of natural light will save on lighting bills, warm your home and help eliminate germs and dust mites. Here are six tips to help get the most out of natural light around the house.
10 Lighting Styles On Trend For 2018
Here are 10 incredible new lighting fixtures for 2018 you'll want to check out.
Update A Room With New Lighting

Busy kitchens need plenty of light for cooking and preparing food. Image: Thinkstock 

The right lighting can have a major effect on a room by setting the mood, adding warmth and making tasks easier. By selecting the appropriate fittings for the space, you can highlight design features and brighten gloomy spaces to create an appeal...
Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Summer

Alfresco rooms need ample light to illuminate the surrounding areas. Image: iStock 

Hot nights mean you’ll be spending more time outdoors, and strategic lighting is the best way to give an entertaining space a welcoming atmosphere. A well-lit backyard, balcony or deck is more likely to be used over summer than a gloomy one, so g...
Exterior Lighting Tips

Warm lighting sets a welcoming tone and offers a safe pathway for guests

As we head into the cooler months, adding warmth and ambience through lighting can provide a much needed sense of comfort as we feel the pinch of the seasonal change. Careful selection of outdoor lights sets the tone for the welcome your home off...
The bathroom is not normally the first place we think of to install huge windows, as it is a space requiring privacy not views.  Most bathrooms have small windows, usually positioned up high, and as a result the natural light is often quite lackin...
Solar lamp on garden path
Solar lighting is a great option for illuminating garden paths
First think about the spots outdoors where lighting is absolutely essential. Pinpoint high traffic areas and dark risky spots such as a stairs or areas where the ground level changes. These are the first areas where lighting should be installed.  Nex...
incandescent light bulb
Incandescent light bulbs are ideal for places requiring lighting in short bursts
An appropriate, efficient light will not only increase comfort, it will also save energy and reduce long-term costs. Fortunately, a host of efficient lighting options is available. The trick is learning how to use the right light in the right space. ...