The kitchen is the hub of the home but is a big renovation cost. Get more bang for your buck with our design ideas, cosmetic updates, step-by-step projects to install cabinetry, inspiring reader renos, planning guides, before and after pics. Choose appliances, design the layout and install the cabinetry.

41 kitchen organising ideas you won’t believe you’ve lived without
A cluttered kitchen can be downright maddening. These tips will help you get the most-used, hardest-to-keep-clean room in your home organised for good.
15 cheap kitchen upgrades that make a huge difference
Sometimes the biggest impact on a room can stem from the smallest changes.
7 quick kitchen revamps
The kitchen sees lots of use on a daily basis, so over time it will start to look tired and show the signs of wear and tear. A run-down kitchen is not an enjoyable place to prepare meals, plus a dated look won’t do you any favours come resale time. I...
How To Replace A Patch Of Lino
Buy a sample piece, making sure it shows any repeat patterns, or find a hidden spot in the pantry or under appliances where a piece of flooring can be cut without being noticed.
Top 10 Kitchen Design Mistakes
No matter how much you have to spend on the kitchen reno, get the planning and design wrong and you’ll be unhappy with the end result and out of pocket. The most frustrating mistakes or miscalculations may not even be apparent at first. But over time...
Turn your kitchen into a practical workspace
It’s the heart of the home and 
getting the design right relies not just on the individual parts, but how it fits with your family, within your budget and to your tastes. John Lorych, owner of Smith & Smith Kitchens, has been in the business for...
17 Hacks That Will Revolutionise Your Kitchen Space
A few tweaks to your kitchen will turn it from a necessary space to the most popular room in the house.  
The kitchen sees lots of use on a daily basis, so over time it will start to look tired and show the signs of wear and tear. A run-down kitchen is not an enjoyable place to prepare meals, plus a dated look won’t do you any favours come resale time. I...
How To Create Your Dream Kitchen

A breakfast bar provides extra seating for dining. Image: Alamy 

As the centre of a family home, the kitchen is in use on a daily basis and is often the focal point during a party.  Creating a designer-look kitchen can be as simple as replacing cabinet doors and handles, and installing a new splashback and ben...
Kitchen Design Ideas

Finding ways to use all the available space is key to successful design. Image: Silvertone Photography 

The trend towards open-plan living is nowhere more evident than in the evolution of kitchen design. Once a separate space, designed with function first and foremost in mind, the kitchen is now the focus of open-plan living areas. It’s a room th...
Basic Guide To Spices

A basic guide to commonly used spices. Image: iStock 

Most spices are plant derivatives and can be used whole or finely ground to season or preserve food.  Spices are best kept in airtight, glass containers in a cool, dry spot away from direct heat and sunlight.  Store any members of the pepper fa...
Build A Floating Spice Jar Shelf
Attach herb and spice jars to a purpose-built shelf mounted on a wall or pantry door. To hold six 65mm jars with 50mm diameter lids, use a 450mm long shelf cut from 65 x 12mm pine and a backing cut from 42 x 12mm pine.
Wall Mounted Storage Boxes
Make lightweight boxes from 90 x 12mm pine and 3.6mm plywood, two 200mm square and one 300 x 200mm, then mount them on the wall to save bench space. Paint the backs to blend in with the wall colour.  
Timber Spice Carrier
Create a small box from 90 x 12mm pine to neatly hold your packets of spices, then divide it into three sections using 3.6mm plywood. Drill holes in the ends and add rope handles to make it portable.  
Make A Bamboo Caddy On Casters
Take a bamboo steamer, paint it white, add a plywood support base, then convert it into portable storage with castors. Sit the caddy on the benchtop for easy access to your favourite herbs and spices.
Make A Divided Spice Drawer

Create this drawer divider for neater storage 

Make a drawer divider with crosspieces from 3.6mm plywood, or use cedar for its natural insect-repelling qualities. CUT THE PLYWOOD  after measuring the height, depth and width of the drawer to calculate the number of sections. Mark and cut the p...
Upcycled Utensil Holder

Save money with this cheap kitchen storage solution 

Create wall-mounted storage for utensils using MDF and food cans. Select cans with printed instead of paper labels. Wash empty cans thoroughly and use a half-round second-cut file to remove any burrs and sharp edges from the rims. Mark a cleara...
Cork floor tiles in the kitchen
Sponsored Article Cork is a fantastic flooring option for kitchens as it’s comfortable underfoot, making it ideal for when you need to spend a lot of time on your feet cooking or washing up.   A natural product, cork contains millions of tiny air cel...
Tips For Replacing Cabinet Handles And Drawer Knobs

Modernise your kitchen with new cabinet hardware. Image: iStock   

After completing a major kitchen upgrade like installing a new benchtop, painting the cabinets or tiling a splashback, door handles may seem like a minor item. But cabinet hardware is the bling of the kitchen. Just updating handles and knobs can...
A renovated kitchen with new benchtops
The hub of their home had served John and Dianne Bowler well for more than 20 years, and though they had few complaints about the kitchen, they decided it was time for a revamp. ‘The kitchen layout and space was good but it was looking a little tired...
A kitchen with dark bench tops and wooden panelling
The benchtop can visually dominate a kitchen, so if it’s showing its age it can bring down the overall look of the space.    You need to measure to the exact millimetre before ordering a new benchtop, then plan the installation carefully for the...
A green mosaic splash back in a kitchen
A new splashback is a fast and effective way to revive your kitchen. Tiles are a popular DIY surface treatment, as they’re durable, wipe clean and easy to install   For maximum colour and texture, go for a mosaic wall. And to create one quickly,...
Rural Kitchen Renovation
When Barry Dubois, master builder and co-host of Channel Ten’s The Living Room, gets a brief for a new project, his first step is to speak to the people who live in the home.  It is his communication skills, along with his building expertise, tha...
Build basic timber boxes and mount them on drawer slides to get organised and maximise cabinet space.   The area under the kitchen sink is often under-utilised because the waste pipe projects down awkwardly into it, limiting the available height for...
Living without a kitchen, Handyman Magazine,

Living without a proper kitchen can be easily managed with some forward planning. Image: Thinkstock 

Replacing or updating a kitchen is one of the most exciting and rewarding renovations you can do to your home. But it can also mean many weeks of disruption and challenging living conditions.   According to the Housing Industry of Australia, statisti...
Planning the Kitchen Reno

A well-planned kitchen is energy-efficient, easy to clean and a pleasure to work in

The kitchen is the most commonly renovated room in the house with the average job costing about $10,000, although the price varies widely depending on the quality of materials, appliances, fixtures and fittings, and labour costs.   Expenses can be ke...
modern kitchen with black and timber laminate cabinetry

Take our test and find out what style of kitchen will best suit your lifestyle

Designing a kitchen can be a daunting tasking. The decisions you make will impact your kitchen's functionality and your cooking experience. We've devised a test to help you pin point what kind of kitchen will best suit your needs and lifestyle.  1....
A couple of years after buying her two-bedroom apartment in Sydney’s east, Handyman stylist Gema Beneitez was ready to overhaul the 70s-style kitchen.   Gema installed cabinet carcasses with Nougat Truffle door panels and drawer faces in the Alpine p...
Instead of paying big bucks for new cabinetry and appliances this kitchen was given a budget transformation with vinyl tile flooring and a few coats of brilliant white paint. Cost of the reno Primer and paint: $265 Hardboard: $115 Solvent-...