How does your garden grow? We show you how to make the most of your space whether it's a big backyard or a compact courtyard. Learn tips and techniques for planting, pruning, propagating and more. Follow our easy step-by-step projects and be inspired by great design ideas you can try at home. 

For a lush, green, weed-free lawn in summer you need to give it TLC year round. We show you how to grow grass from seed, lay turf and patch lawns. Plus check out our seasonal guides to lawn care that cover everything from fertilising to mower maintenance and the best ways to zap weeds.

Keep the garden in leaf and bloom all year with our seasonal guides on what to grow and when to sow. With just a little planning you can enjoy the sight and smell of flowers during every month of the year. Get planting for blooms you can enjoy in the ground, in pots and out, or as cut flowers.

Stop snails eating your vegies, aphids infesting your roses and fruit flies swarming your citrus. Learn how to identify, and eradicate or treat, common garden invaders and plant problems. Get advice on organic and chemical control methods, plus tips on cure and prevention, for a healthy garden.

From windowsill herbs to a kitchen garden our step-by-step growing guides make it easy to raise fresh food at home. You can have a tomato plant in a pot, rows of vegies in the ground or a mini orchard of citrus trees. Learn when to sow, transplant, water, feed and prune to harvest crops year-round.