Learn the tricks of the trade from our readers. Simple decorating tricks can make powerful changes to a space plus add a sense of individuality. Our readers have made custom mailboxes, painted rooms and create offcut artworks. Read about their successful projects here.

Andrew's Kingfisher Mailbox

Make it easy for visitors to find the house with a stand-out mailbox 

While looking around to buy a new mailbox, keen DIYer Andrew Ho had the idea to create one from scratch.  ‘I noticed many customised designs and quickly decided to do one myself,’ he says. ‘I was inspired by the bold and sharp colours of a king...
Suzy's Pelican Mailbox

Handyman reader Suzy Hindley created this pelican mailbox as a housewarming gift 

When friends of Suzy Hindley bought their dream home, she thought she would give them a unique housewarming gift.  ‘They needed a new mailbox, and my friend loves pelicans so I happily offered to make  one for her,’ says Suzy. She came up with...