Cleaning & Decluttering

Get your home in tip-top shape with our simple, step-by-step guides to cleaning and decluttering. Learn foolproof techniques to bust grime and indoors and out, the best products on the shelves and how to make your own green cleaners. Plus banish stains and clutter without fuss.

13 tips to finally declutter your countertops for good
Do an inventory rundown First things first – go through everything on your countertops and decide what stays in the kitchen, what belongs in another room, and what gets tossed. You’ll be surprised how much cleaner the room will start to look already....
26 secrets personal organisers would never tell you for free
Create five piles When you’re organising, you should sort everything into five piles: move to another room, donate, give to a specific person, throw away and, finally, the “marinating” pile. Pack up the marinating items and label the box with a date...
19 home items you should be cleaning every month
Do these simple yet often overlooked cleaning tasks monthly to avoid major messes and costly repairs down the road.
13 things you never knew you could put in the dishwasher
Boots, toys, potatoes – all are dishwasher safe.
26 things in your house that a professional organiser would throw out
Get your garbage bag ready! An expert organiser shares her list of the top 26 things she’d throw out without a second thought.
11 chemical-free ways to clean your home
Products used to clean furniture, carpets, and appliances are full of toxic chemicals that are known carcinogens. Try these alternative cleaning solutions to keep your home chemical-free!
43 tips for a cleaner, more organised garage right now
Top tips from the ultimate experts on decluttering: the Handyman community!
73 things you should never throw out (and how to reuse them)
Wait! Before you toss these items in the trash or recycling bin, check out all of the brilliant ways you can repurpose them around your home.
7 secret kitchen-cleaning tips the professionals use
Clean your coffee pots, mugs, sink and more with these handy kitchen-cleaning secrets.
Make your own green cleaning products
Get the house spick and span with these eco-friendly cleaning recipes. They are super easy to make and clean just as well as chemical-based products. Base ingredients can be bought in bulk and can be used to make multiple batches.
12 Things All Smart Homeowners Should Do Once a Month
Do these tasks monthly, and you'll save a bundle in emergency service calls and aggravation.
6 home maintenance solutions
Every home needs maintaining to keep it in good repair, but often we don’t notice small problems until they turn into big ones. If a fault is overlooked, it may lead to major structural damage that costs thousands to fix, with huge disruptions while...
Professional Solutions To The Toughest Domestic Cleaning Problems
Scratching your head on how to clean those hard-to-reach places? Ponder no more as we reveal the tricks the cleaning professionals use.
How To Tackle A Bedbug Infestation In Carpets

How To Tackle A Bedbug Infestation In Carpets

Bed bugs can be quite a nuisance and it is tricky to get rid of them. You need to eliminate them in the right manner and ensure you don’t spread them to other areas of the house. Raymond Web from US-based Take Care Termite and Pest Control offers a d...
The 10 Golden Rules Of Cleaning
Cleaning can be a time consuming and difficult chore, which most of us prefer to put off until it's absolutely essential. But stick to the following golden cleaning rules, and you will achieve safe, effective cleaning that attacks the problem early a...
5 Extraordinary Uses For Beer
Beer can be used for more than just human consumption. Shocking, we know. If you ever have leftover beer lying around, here are five practical ways you can use it around the home and garden.
5 Common Dishwasher Problems And How To Solve Them / iStock
There's nothing more annoying than realising the dishes are still dirty after a wash in the dishwasher. Often the issue lies in small maintenance tweaks that, once fixed, will get your dishwasher working properly again.
Clean the Barbecue
There’s nothing worse than opening up the barbecue to find the hotplate and grill are still encrusted with the greasy remnants of last summer’s meals. Barbies should be cleaned after every use and deep-cleaned yearly. To thoroughly clean it, first di...
Clean venetian blinds
Venetian blinds can be notoriously tricky to dust, but using this simple technique, you can get them clean in no time. All you'll need is a pair of tongs, two socks, and rubber bands. Simply slide the socks over each arm of the tongs, then secure...
4 Amazing Room Transformations
It’s easier than you think to clear the clutter and turn your life around. Most of us have a clutter hotspot in the home. It may be just a drawer or cupboard, but it could be a garage packed with stuff we don’t use or need but think we’ll get aro...
Open dishwasher with white dishes stacked in shelves, How To Maintain Your Dishwasher , Handyman Magazine,

Correct stacking ensures a clean result at the end of the wash cycle

Check the moving parts that can weaken with age like the doors, spray arms and hoses and look out for early signs of rust and damage. GIVE THE DISHWASHER A WASH every six months, or sooner if it starts to look grimy. Either use a dishwasher clean...
5 Common Oven Problems And How To Solve Them , deep etch of oven,

Get the oven back in top shape and enjoy easier cooking

Even the best cook can't overcome a problematic oven. When the oven isn't working properly food can be burned, undercooked or just turn out plain wrong. While clever tricks and recipe tweaks can solve the problem, a better way is to get the oven ba...
clean stove with pots and pans on top, maintain stoves and rangehoods,

Keep your stove and rangehood in top shape to increase their longevity 

To maintain your stove and rangehood regular cleaning is the key. Simple checks will also ensure that your stovetop and rangehood are working as efficiently as possible. PROTECT COOKTOPS made from glass or ceramic which are easily damaged. Avoid...
fridge shelves with cheese, yogurt and milk, How to maintain your refrigerator,

Glass shelves love a good clean but dry them well before putting them back 

The most essential piece of equipment in the kitchen, make sure your fridgeis running efficiently for better food storage and to keep energy costs down.  GIVE IT ENOUGH ROOM by allowing at least a 10mm gap at the sides and 20mm behind. If the fri...
Tips For Moving House , Handyman Magazine, Man closing box with sticky tape,

Be prepared and pack efficiently so moving house doesn’t blow the budget and turn into a stress-fest

Aussies are officially a nation of movers. The Australian Bureau of Statistics says we move on average at least four times in our lives, and with so many renters in our cities, this figure could easily be doubled.  The most common type of move is...
Wiping a keyboard with a lint-free cloth
After cleaning, wipe the keyboard with a dry lint-free cloth to remove any residue. Image credit: Thinkstock   Computers are magnets for dust, lint and sticky fingers but to clean a dirty screen and keyboard without causing damage you need to use...
Mother and daughter cleaning a bathtub

Being one of the busiest rooms in the house, the bathroom can get dirty quickly

With a huge 50% of Australian families reportedly feeling stressed for time, cleaning duties are often put on the back burner.   Hardly surprising when you consider that we’re already spending an average of two hours on chores around the house every...
A window being cleaned with a squeegee

You can achieve a streak-free window by following these simple tips

Add sparkle to the house with gleaming windows. Use a spray-on window cleaning product or a bucket of water mixed with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.   Dip the scrubbing sponge in the soapy water and wash the glass, working at all angles to get in...
man wiping bench with blue gloves and a yellow sponge

Replace harsh chemicals with alternative cleaning solutions

When embarking on a big clean-up, most of us will buy a range of sprays and bleaches to use for wiping surfaces, mopping floors and sanitising toilets.   But for many jobs, there are many products which are just as effective much closer to home. So d...