Top 10 Renovation Tips

Spend time planning your renovation to keep budgets in check and maximise resale value.

Top 10 Renovation Tips

A home renovation should be a positive experience as, theoretically, it’s improving the value and appearance of your biggest asset. But more often than not a reno doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d wish.

As well as being dirty, noisy and expensive, work can be hampered by bad weather, unreliable tradesmen and other problems that bring chaos.

Thorough research and planning before the work begins can minimise any delays and expenses, turning a potentially stressful experience into a valuable, long-term investment.

1. Rules and regulations
1. Rules and regulations

Research the specific building regulations of your local government area before you start renovating so you’re not hit with any costly surprises or extra unforeseen charges.

Some councils have regulations that are designed to maximise sustainability or reduce the risk of bushfire and flood damage.

Other councils have design rules to maintain the character of certain suburbs or localities.

Prior research won’t necessarily change the bottom line figure, but it will make the full cost evident before the renovation begins.

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