Stuck Indoors? Refresh Your Ceiling With This Bold, Clean Look

Spruce up the largest surface in the room by repainting and adding new downlights and fans.

Ceiling refresh

The ceiling in this 1980s house was showing its age and, during winter, a few of the glass panels around the fire in the living area were broken.

This allowed smoke to escape and rise to the ceiling, which created sooty stains.

Halogen downlights were installed when the house was built and many weren’t working. There was constant upkeep required replacing bulbs, not to mention ongoing costs.

Also, the ceiling in this living space was already fairly low and the timber and brass fans visually made it appear even lower.

1. Remove the stains
1. Remove the stains
Geoff Beck

Scrub the smoke stains on the ceiling with a long-handled brush using white vinegar, then sugar soap, to cut the grease in the soot and remove the worst of the stains

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