The solution to workshop storage woes

Organise your garage with drawers designed to hold all your tools and equipment

Workshop storage solutions

Shelves and drawers are a good way to add storage space to a workshop, but they must be sturdy if they’re to handle the weight of power tools.

It costs about $240 to build one of these boxes and four drawers, plus a plinth.

You’ll need two sheets of 2400 x 1200 x 19mm plywood and one 1200 x 600 x 12mm sheet, as well as pine for the plinth.

For a wall of storage, build more boxes and a full-length plinth.

Separate them with open shelving and add a worktop.

Step 1. Make the box and drawers
Make the box and drawers
The Family Handyman

Secure the supports

Mark the top of the drawer supports on the sides of the boxes 355, 660 and 965mm from the base.

Apply adhesive and position the supports on the lines 12mm from the front edges.

Tack in place with brads, securing with screws.

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