Smart sealing: 3 steps to mastering your caulking gun

Caulking guns are used to apply a variety of sealants and adhesives from cartridges.

How to use a caulking gun

The gun comprises a cradle that holds the cartridge in position, and a plunger that pushes the base of the cartridge forwards, forcing the sealant or adhesive through the nozzle.

This allows the adhesive to be delivered in a steady and controlled manner to create an even bead.

Most caulking guns are manual, with the plunger controlled by the lever action of the trigger.

Cordless caulking guns have an electrical-powered plunger that is activated by the trigger, resulting in an even flow and less fatigue.

TIP Keep the screw-on cap for the cartridge nozzle so unused compound can be stored without hardening.

1. Push the nozzle forwards
1. Push the nozzle forwards
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Position the nozzle at a 45º angle at the start of the gap, then gently squeeze the trigger while moving the nozzle forwards to fill the gap, keeping an even pressure on the trigger.

Pushing the nozzle as you work forces the sealant into the gap so it adheres to both surfaces and creates a neat result.

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