A Simple Guide To Window Cleaning

Follow these easy steps to cleaning windows using soapy water for sparkling glass every time

A window being cleaned with a squeegee

You can achieve a streak-free window by following these simple tips

Add sparkle to the house with gleaming windows. Use a spray-on window cleaning product or a bucket of water mixed with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.
Dip the scrubbing sponge in the soapy water and wash the glass, working at all angles to get into the edges of the window.
Starting at a top corner, drag the squeegee down the window, keeping the edge in contact with the glass.
Use a soft lint-free cloth to wipe the squeegee blade dry then start at the top again, overlapping the previous stroke by about 50mm.
Wipe up excess water along the base and around the perimeter of the window as you work your way along the glass.
After cleaning glass with water and a squeegee, use a microfibre cloth for a completely streak-free finish.

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