Professional Solutions To The 10 Toughest Domestic Cleaning Problems

Professional house cleaners share their best-kept secrets to save you time and effort.

Professional Solutions To The Toughest Domestic Cleaning Problems

Scratching your head on how to clean those hard-to-reach places? Ponder no more as we reveal the tricks the cleaning professionals use.

1. Speed-Clean Chandeliers
1. Speed-Clean Chandeliers
The Family Handyman

First spread a plastic tarp on the floor under the chandelier to catch the drips.

Then turn off the light and spray the solution on the chandelier until liquid beads start to run (you'll use a lot of spray, but it beats wiping).

The spray rinses off the dust.

The solution that's left evaporates quickly and doesn't leave water spots.

The spray works well on hanging crystals, but don't expect it to remove dust from crevices.

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