Make A Wire Wall Trellis

  • Make A Wire Wall Trellis

Jecca Blake had a bare exterior wall she wanted to green up. For a formal look she made a trellis and trained climbers over it.

To make the trellis Jecca used stainless steel wire rope. 

‘As climbers grow they get heavier and wires can stretch and sag, so I attached turnbuckles to tighten up the trellis as needed,’ says Jecca. 

This can be done at installation or later on by simply snipping the wires and adding turnbuckles in between.

If there is no garden bed Jecca says, ‘Grow climbers in the largest pot that fits the space so the roots have room to spread. For healthy growth, keep them well watered and fed.’

Step 1. Make the trellis

Make the trellis by threading wire through a rope grip, turnbuckle eye then back through the grip, tightening the screws to hold the wire in position. Repeat for the other end

Step 2. Mount the trellis

Mount the trellis on a wall by using screw eyes and rope grips to secure lengths of wire in a crisscross pattern then train climbers over them. Use plastic ties to hold the plants

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