Make A Silhouette Stencil Cabinet

  • Make A Silhouette Stencil Cabinet
  • Make A Silhouette Stencil Cabinet, old timber cabinet before upcycle

Update a small, battered cupboard by giving it a neutral background featuring a simple gloss black design.

Give a mismatched timber cabinet a designer makeover by painting it grey and stencilling a silhouette in gloss black paint. 

To add furniture feet, mark the screw holes in the base 50mm in from each corner, securing from the inside. 

TIP Paint the furniture feet and hardware to match the cabinet. 

Making a stencil 

Stencilling is one of the easiest paint effects to create. Search online for a silhouette image of your subject matter then print the design to size. 

Position the paper on a cutting mat or newspaper, attach a stencil sheet using masking tape and trace the design with a permanent marker, cutting the shape out using a utility knife or craft scissors.

TIP Plastic stencil film is available from craft and stationery stores.

Step 1. Prepare the timber

Remove the doorhandle and hinges and clean the timber with diluted sugar soap. Fill any holes
or cracks with timber filler and sand with 80 grit abrasive paper. Sand all the surfaces with 120 grit paper then wipe off dust with a soft cloth.

Step 2. Paint the surface

Apply two coats of 3-in-1 primer to all interior and exterior surfaces, then two coats of matt grey acrylic to the outside, letting it dry between coats. TIP When using dark colours, tint the primer with a small amount of the shade to get a good depth of colour.

Step 3. Stencil the design

Replace the painted doorhandle and hinges then secure the stencil to the door using low-tack repositionable spray adhesive. Use a brush to dab black gloss paint onto the design, being careful not to overload the brush, then remove the stencil.

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