Make Paper Plant Pots With The Kids

  • Plants growing in rolled up newspaper

Raising plants from seed is always a winner with kids and growing food to eat just doubles the fun.
Grow a lunchbox favourite like cherry tomatoes in newspaper tubes, and in a few weeks you’ll have lots of seedlings ready for pots or beds.
You can plant the seedlings, tubes and all, as the paper eventually breaks down.
Make the pots from a tabloid-sized newspaper and long cardboard tubes, then fill with quality seed-raising mix. 

TIP Use newsprint instead of glossy paper and long tubes not toilet rolls.

Step 1. Roll the paper tubes

Fold a sheet of newspaper in half and position a cardboard tube on a short edge about 30mm from one end. Roll the paper around the tube in a straight line. Hold the tube firmly and fold the paper to create a flat base.

Step 2. Add the potting mix

Slip the newspaper off each tube and position in a tray or box. Fill the paper pots with seed-raising mix using a trowel then lift the tray and gently tap it on the bench to settle the mix, topping it up if needed. 

Step 3. Sow the seeds

Carefully put one or two seeds in each pot by hand, lightly cover with seed-raising mix and water in gently. Position the tray of paper pots in a warm, sunny spot and keep moist as the seeds germinate. 

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