Make A Moss Planter

  • A heart-shaped moss planter

Green up a shady spot by creating a stylised shape using moss, wire mesh and landscape fabric, planting the centre with a shade-loving species. Collect moss from the garden, levering it up with a flat knife or buy it in sheets from a nursery.

To hang the planter use a loop of sturdy wire to push two or three hanging chains into the shape then use the wire to secure the chains to the mesh frame.

TIP For shapes to be positioned in a pot or garden bed there is no need to cover the back with moss.

Step 1. Make the frame

Cut fine wire mesh using tin snips then form it into a shape and cover with moss, root-side up, carefully lining the sides.

Step 2. Line with fabric

Lay landscape fabric on the moss and smooth it down firmly.
TIP Pure wool felt or sturdy cotton canvas can also be used.

Step 3. Add potting mix

Scoop potting mix into the fabric-lined shape and spray liberally with water.
TIP Use a special mix for hanging pots if the shape is to be suspended.

Step 4. Line the back

Cover the back of the shape by folding the fabric over the mix and spraying it with water then add the moss, being careful to fill all the gaps.

Step 5. Finish the frame

Fold the wire mesh over the moss, pulling it tightly and securing it with tie wire to form the back or base of the planter and finish the frame.

Step 6. Plant the shape

Cut a circle in the mesh and fabric on the top or front of the planter, scooping out the potting mix to make holes big enough for the plant rootball.

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