Make A Clever Tool Rack

Minimise clutter with this simple storage system that holds various workshop essentials on plywood dividers that turn like the pages of a book.

flip rack for tools DIY

Use this novel storage solution to organise your workshop

Take an hour or two to build this handy flip rack, using timber offcuts to make customised holders for chisels, drill bits, power tool accessories and anything else that can be hung vertically.
The rails are 950mm long to span three studs at standard 450mm centres, but if you are securing the storage system to a masonry wall, cut the rails shorter if you prefer. You can also increase or decrease the size of the leaves to suit whatever items you wish to store.
You will need 1900 x 90 x 45mm pine, half a sheet of 12mm plywood and an offcut of 17mm plywood about 305 x 275mm in size, plus six pairs of 75mm door hinges.

Step 1. Cut the parts

Use a handsaw or mitresaw to cut two pine rails to about 950 x 90 x 45mm and 12 plywood cleats of 90 x 75 x 17mm each. Use a jigsaw or circular saw with a straightedge guide to cut six plywood leaves of 600 x 400 x 15mm.

Step 2. Secure the rails and cleats

Use a stud finder to mark the stud locations then secure the rails to the wall studs with 75mm x 10g screws, keeping a gap of 420mm between the rails. Use 50mm x 8g screws to attach the cleats, spaced at 100mm centres.

Step 3. Attach the dividers

Use the supplied screws to attach the hinges to the cleats. Make tool holders and brackets to suit your hardware from timber offcuts and secure them to the dividers, then attach the dividers to the hinges.
TIP Use an angle grinder to cut off the points of the screws protruding through the back of the dividers.

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