Lay A Stepping Stone Path

  • lay stepping stones

A practical and relatively inexpensive way of providing a walkway, individual stepping stones also have an enduring cottage charm. To lay the path you will need a solid rubber mallet, a spade, a trowel and some sand to stop the stones sinking. You may also need help to lift stones or pavers.

Polish the look

Fill in any gaps around the edges of the stones with a mixture of sand and soil, then pat down.
Sow grass seed or plant runners in any bare areas in the lawn. Water with a fine rose until the new grass is established. 

How to lay stepping stones

Step 1. Cut the turf

Position the stones on the grass, carefully cuttting around the edges of each one with a serrated knife.

Step 2. Dig the hole

Carefull lift the cut turf out of the hole and dig down three to five centimetres deeper than the thickness of the stones. 

Step 3. Secure the stone

Spread a five to eight centimeter layer of sand in each hole and then level it out. Replace each stone carefully in its hole and use a mallet to drive the stones into the sand, wedging them in so they are flush with the ground. 

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