Introducing Your Dream Garage

For most of us, a garage is a lot more than a place to park.

Introducing Your Dream Garage

We use it to build big projects, we load it up with everything from Hot Wheels to Harley Davidson motorbikes, and sometimes we party or just hang out with the guys there.

And for all these purposes, you want more than the basic four walls and a roof.

You want to make your garage a better place to work and play.

So we teamed up with our field editors to show you our favourite garage features.

Whether you're planning your dream garage or just looking to improve your old one, check them out!

Tall doors prevent great goofs
Tall doors prevent great goofs
The Family Handyman

Every month we receive at least one great goof letter from a reader who strapped something to his roof and wrecked the garage door.

So when our set builder, built this new extra-large double garage, he wanted to be able to drive in with a load on top of the van.

This meant installing an 2.4m tall garage door rather than the more common 2.1m size.

If you decide to install an 2.4m door, you'll have to build the walls at least 2.7m tall to accommodate it.

But tall walls are better anyway.

They allow you more room to manoeuver 1.2m x 2.4m sheets of plywood and 2.4m-long boards without hitting the ceiling or breaking light bulbs.

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