Installing Plasterboard Part 8: Filling In A Doorway And Other Openings

We show you how to fill in a doorway or other openings. 

In this DIY video series, the plasterboard experts at Gyprock have already shown how to measure, cut, install and join plasterboard as well as how to measure, cut and install cornice and sanding and finishing techniques for joints. They've also covered how to repair holes, dents and scrapes in Gyprock plasterboard.
Now it’s time to show you how to fill in a doorway and other openings. 
Watch this DIY video to find out everything you need to know about filling in a doorway or another type of opening to create a continuous plasterboard wall. 
This requires a bit of carpentry and the removal of skirting boards as well as flooring that may be in the way.
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