Installing Plasterboard Part 1: Planning and Prep

We show you how to measure and prepare a room for installing plasterboard

If you've ever worked with plasterboard before, chances are it was patching a hole in a wall or minor repairs and touch ups prior to painting. It isn't until you undertake a full renovation that you need to figure out how to measure, cut, hang and finish plasterboard.

Installing plasterboard might look tricky at first, which is why many people leave it to the professionals. But the fact is, installing plasterboard or a cornice is easier than you might think.

Using Gyprock plasterboard, you can install walls and ceilings or create stunning architectural features like niches and bulkheads, all with tools and materials you can get from a hardware store or Gyprock supplier.

In this video, the experts from Gyprock show you how to plan and prepare your room for installing plasterboard, including measuring the space, calculating the materials required, and figuring out what tools are needed.

With this expert advice you'll be well on your way to completing any plasterboard project in your home.

Part 2: Measuring and cutting

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