How To Use A Ladder Safely

Avoid accidents with our simple tips for the best way to use a ladder

Do you know what is one of the most dangerous things around the home? Chances are you have it lurking in your garden shed, the garage or under the house.

We're talking about ladders. These seemingly harmless DIY must-haves are responsible for thousands of accidents every year. And nearly 80% of these accidents actually occur at home, not in the workplace.

The types of injuries suffered are often serious, with spinal damage, head injuries and even deaths resulting from a tumble, while broken bones are a common occurance.

And it's not just falls from heights that do the most damage, as you only need to be 1-2m off the ground for things to get perilous.

But the good news is that the majority of these ladder-related accidents and injuries are avoidable, as they come about either through not setting up a ladder correctly or not using it in a safe way.

Watch the video for our simple guide to staying safe when using a ladder.

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