How To Use A Cordless Drill

In this DIY video, we explain everything you need to know about cordless drills, including all their features and how to use them.

One of the most essential power tools for DIYers is a cordless drill, and modern types are easy to use and come with many useful features.

To install a drill or driver bit, open the chuck jaws by grasping the handle of the drill with one hand and turning the sleeve on the chuck counterclockwise with the other hand.

Insert the bit as far as it will go, then tighten the sleeve by turning it clockwise. To remove the bit, grasp the handle of the drill and turn the sleeve counterclockwise.

Select the speed range - Most cordless drills have a switch that gives you the option of two speeds. Use low speed for driving screws and drilling into metal or plastic and high speed for drilling into timber.

Select the action mode - Use the drill setting for boring holes, the drive setting for driving screws, and the hammer setting for drilling into bricks or masonry. Always use masonry bits when using the hammer mode.

Choose the clutch setting - The torque adjuster controls the turning force that the drill will deliver when driving screws. Select a low setting for soft materials such as plasterboard and a high setting for roofing or decking.

Set forward or reverse - The forward and reverse switch change the rotation of the chuck. Click the switch to the left for forward drilling action and to the right to reverse the drill for removing screws and drill bits.

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