How To Turn A Milk Bottle Into A Watering Can

Upcycle an everyday container into a handy garden tool

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In this DIY video, we explain how to turn an ordinary milk, juice or water bottle into a handy watering can.
All you need for this hack is a milk bottle, a lighter and a nail.
First, heat the nail with the lighter. Take care not to burn yourself as the nail can heat up very quickly.
Once the nail is hot, use it to poke holes in the milk bottle cap. Make about 15-20 holes in total, depending on the size of your cap. You may need to reheat the nail from time to time.
You can also use a cordless drill to make the holes, but if you don't have one handy, a heated nail is an easy way to make the holes.
Fill the bottle with water, replace the cap and use your new watering can to water your plants!

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