How To Transplant Lemongrass

  • How To Transplant Lemongrass

A fast-growing perennial, lemongrass is a tall tropical or subtropical grass that is quick to outgrow pots and beds. 

Transplanting lemongrass into a bigger container or bed is best done during spring and summer. 

Water the area well for two days before to keep the roots from drying out and to help the plant recover from being transplanted, then cut the stalks to 150mm above soil level.

TIP The aromatic oil that gives lemongrass its citrus flavour is contained in the roots and stems.

Step 1. Dig up the plant

Use a garden fork to dig up the clump, lifting out the entire rootball. Choose a pot twice as wide and deep as the rootball and put pebbles in the base to assist drainage.

Step 2. Position the plant

Half-fill the pot with good quality potting mix then position the rootball and backfill around it until the roots are covered, watering the mix until it is completely saturated.

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