How To Take A Rose Cutting

  • How To Take A Rose Cutting

Most roses can be successfully propagated from cuttings. The best time to take them is April to July so the roots are produced over winter. Choose healthy stems of the current season’s growth with three leaf sets on each side of the stem.

Step 1. Cut the stems

Cut the stems above a bud at the top using secateurs, taking cuttings 200mm long. Remove the shoot tip and leave one leaf set at the top, removing the lower leaves.

Step 2. Dip base

Dip the base of the cutting into rooting hormone powder and shake off the excess, or apply a little honey with your finger. Honey works as it contains amino acids and growth factors.

Step 3. Plant cuttings

Plant the cuttings in a pot, put in a shady spot and keep the mix moist. In late spring, gently pull the cuttings to check if they have rooted. TIP Plant up to four in a 200mm pot.

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