How To Space Plants Evenly Using A Shovel

In this DIY video, we explain how to make a handy measuring device using a shovel, so you can space plants the ideal distance apart

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All it takes to create this handy plant spacer is a shovel, a tape measure and a permanent marker.
To make the plant spacer, simply make a big mark every 10cm and a small mark every 5cm along the handle of the shovel. Don't forget to label each mark.
When it next comes time to planting seedlings, trees or shrubs, you'll be able to space them evenly and the correct distance apart to allow for optimal growth, instead of guessing incorrectly or ending up with an uneven row.
And because your shovel will almost always be nearby when you're in the garden, you won't need to search for a tape measure when you're in the middle of a garden job.

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