How To Seal New Decking Boards

  • seal new decking boards for longevity

Once you new decking boards are installed the next step is to apply the finish to seal the deck and complete the job.
Many imported hardwood decking timbers like merbau and balau have a high content of naturally occurring water-soluble resins called tannins. Leave newly laid decking unfinished for up to two months so the tannins can be released then wash with a deck-cleaning product to de-oil the surface of the timber.
Sand the timber boards and apply a finish to seal the deck.
TIP A deck cleaning product can remove tannins from the surface fibres of the boards

Step 1. Clean the deck

Wet timber thoroughly and mix a deck cleaning product with water to required ratio. Apply solution and agitate with a stiff bristled broom then leave it to soak in for 20 minutes before hosing off.

Step 2. Sand the boards

Use a random orbital sander and 120 grit discs to smooth and round over cut edges on newly laid boards. TIP Freshly milled boards often have splinters and other surface blemishes.

Step 3. Apply the finish

Allow the timber to dry for up to three days then use an applicator to apply the finish. Seal two boards at a time along their complete length to avoid lap marks.
TIP Use a brush under the balustrade

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