How To Replace A Patch Of Lino

  • How To Replace A Patch Of Lino

Lino flooring with burn marks, holes or general wear can be patched instead of new flooring being laid.

Buy a sample piece, making sure it shows any repeat patterns, or find a hidden spot in the pantry or under appliances where a piece of flooring can be cut without being noticed.

Step 1. Cut damaged area

Cut around the damaged area and loosen the adhesive in one corner with a hairdryer. Using a utility knife, cut the replacement piece to roughly match with a 15mm overlap

Step 2. Tape replacement

Tape the replacement piece over the damaged area, making sure it matches and completely overlaps the hole. Cut through both pieces with a utility knife, following the pattern line.

Step 3. Secure new piece

Remove the damaged section and any backing material. Apply vinyl flooring adhesive with a notched trowel and secure the new piece, going over the seam with a vinyl floor sealer.

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