How To Plant Peanuts

  • How To Plant Peanuts

Did you know you can use store bought peanuts to plant a peanut plant? Use shelled, raw nuts, as salted or roasted ones won’t germinate.

This a great project to do with the kids as it is super easy, produces fast results and teaches the concept of reusing. 

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Step 1. Push the nuts

Push the nuts 25mm deep into a pot of moist seed-raising mix. Seal the pot in a polythene bag and leave in a dark place for one to two weeks to germinate.

Step 2. Remove the bag

Remove the bag and position in a well-lit spot with at least 75% humidity and a temperature of 20-30°C. Water well and mist daily to maintain humidity.

Step 3. Transplant seedlings

When the seedlings are 150mm tall, transplant each one to a 300mm pot. Reduce the humidity levels while the plants are flowering to aid pollination.

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