How To Plant A Herb Pot

Strawberry planters are tall containers with holes around the sides that feature protruding cups to support the plants.

They’re ideal for a selection of culinary herbs, as trailing varieties can be planted in the side holes and plants with a more compact habit can be grown in the top of the pot. 

But while these tall planters make growing and harvesting herbs easy, water can be distributed unevenly, resulting in some plants drying out and others becoming waterlogged.

To keep herbs in a strawberry pot well hydrated, simply include a central core of fine gravel at planting time to help improve drainage. 

What you need 

  • Strawberry pot
  • PVC pipe or cardboard tube
  • Vegetable and herb potting mix
  • Assorted herbs
  • Gravel or small stones
  • Liquid seaweed solution

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Trailing varieties like oregano and thyme are great for tiered herb pots

Step 1. Prepare the pot

Position an offcut of PVC pipe or a long cardboard tube in the centre of the strawberry pot. Hold the pipe steady on the base of the pot, then fill around it with potting mix as far as the first planting holes.

Step 2. Plant the herbs

Add trailing varieties to the side holes of the pot, pushing the herbs through from the inside and firming the potting mix around them. Work your way up, adding plants and potting mix until you reach the top.

Step 3. Add the gravel

Fill the pipe with gravel to the level of the potting mix, then ease out the pipe, leaving the core of gravel behind. Make planting holes to add herbs to the top of the pot, watering in well with seaweed solution.

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