How to Paint Verdigris Pots

  • Verdigris points painted silver and planted with colourful plants, Handyman,
  • Verdigris points before being painted, Handyman magazine,

Handyman stylist Gema Beneitez created a rustic flowering display using plastic pots and new plants. 

To turn pots into antique-look planters all you need is a few days and several types of paint. 

The bluish-green coating that develops on copper, giving the surface a weathered patina, is called verdigris. 

To get the effect without the chemical reaction, use paint to create an aged copper look.

TIP The best type of pots for this finish are those with ridges and lips, not smooth, featureless containers.

Painting the pot 

It takes several coats of different finishes to achieve the look of verdigris, and each layer needs time to dry thoroughly.

APPLY A PRIMER to the pot then a coat each of gold enamel paint and amber shellac, leaving it to dry between coats.

COAT THE POT with a mixture of white and aqua-green acrylic paint, watering it down to apply with a sponge and cloth to get the aged effect.

FINISH THE VERDIGRIS by dipping a small brush in a very small quantity of white paint and lightly touching the most protuberant areas of the pot. 

SEAL THE FINISH with a coat of clear polyurethane.

TIP A dry bristle brush can also be used to stipple the paint.

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