How To Oil A Deck

  • How To Oil A Deck

Decks finished with oil should be cleaned and re-oiled twice a year to keep the timber protected.

If decks aren’t refinished regularly, the surface will become rough and appear discoloured and dirty.

Check if a deck needs refinishing by splashing water on the boards. If the water soaks in instead of beading off, then resealing is required.

Wash the deck prior, then apply two coats of quality oil, selecting  a formula that resists abrasion and doesn’t fade when exposed to UV light.

TIP Stained decks need to be lightly sanded and re-stained every two years.

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Step 1. Clean the deck

Sweep the deck with a stiff-bristled broom, then hose the boards down. Apply deck cleaner to a square metre at a time, choosing a cleaner that suits the timber and the finish. TIP The cleaner is activated by water.

Step 2. Scrub the surface

Use a stiff scrubbing brush to work the cleaner into the timber, then leave it to soak for 15 minutes without letting it dry completely. Hose the area down to rinse, then clean the rest of the deck and allow to dry.

Step 3. Finish the deck

Apply two coats of decking oil using a lambswool applicator with a long handle to apply it evenly. Leave the oil to dry between coats and use less for the second coat, as the timber won’t absorb it as easily.

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