How To Make A Drill Guide From Offcuts

Use two pieces of scrap timber to create a handy tool for drilling straight holes

It can be tricky to accurately drill perfectly horizontal holes in a vertical surface, like a fence post or wall.

In this DIY video, we show you how to make a handy guide to keep your drill bit level.

This handy tool makes it easy to drill perfectly level holes in walls, fences or other vertical surfaces. You can also use it to drill perfectly straight vertical holes in horizontal surfaces.

To make the guide, simply cut two 70mm pieces of timber using a saw. You can use offcuts for this, as long as the timber has a square or rectangular profile and perfectly flat faces.

Join the two pieces of timber together with an overhang of about 40mm. Use two screws to join them, pre-drilling holes to avoid splitting the timber.

Your drill guide is now ready. To use it, simply position it against the surface you are going to drill into, align the drill bit in the join between the two pieces, and drill. The 90 degree angle creates a perfectly level guide that keeps the drill bit straight, creating a hole at the perfect angle.

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