How to make better compost

Don’t waste your kitchen and garden scraps, toss them in a compost bin and make fertiliser for your plants.

How To Make Compost

We throw away millions of tonnes of food a year, most of it fresh fruit and vegetables that end up rotting away in landfill.

A better way of dealing with food waste is to set up a compost system at home, turning your scraps into rich food your garden soil and plants will love.

The creation station
The creation station

A three-bin compost system ensures you’re never without nutritious soil conditioner for the garden.

The simplest method is to just create three piles near each other, but this can look very messy.

Instead, use star pickets and chicken wire to make three-sided pens with open fronts, each measuring one metre square.

These will create neat piles, while allowing lots of air in from the sides. They are directly on top of the soil, so earthworms can move in and out, helping to speed the process.

Three bins gives you one to fill, one to mature, and one with compost all ready to be used.

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