How To Lay Paving Part 3: Laying Pavers

We show you how to lay pavers for a professional finish. 

To ensure a professional finish when laying pavers, the first thing you need to do is make sure the stringline is square to any wall you're paving up to. 

Next you lay a header course, which is the first row of pavers following the length of the stringline. Then lay the first row of the other direction a long the wall to create a 90 degree angled path of pavers as a guide on both lengths of the area. 

It's important to drop pavers flat not at an angle when laying them to prevent creating holes in the base layers and thus laying straight pavers. 

Create stringlines across the width of the area, using the spaces between pavers of the header course as the guide for perfect rows. 

Tap pavers firmly after laying them. 

The easiest way to remove a chipped paver, is with two men and two screwdrivers. 

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